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5 Reasons to stop running from a mental health diagnosis

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

As a nurse, I saw people judged by their list of diagnoses. As a sister and a daughter, I watched my loved ones form their identity around a diagnosis and then claim it as the reason for the behavior that went on to hurt me. So naturally, when my mental health went to shit in 2021, I had to overcome some barriers to getting help. The reality was for me, not having an accurate diagnosis was getting in the way of my human. I found myself repeating the same patterns with addictive biochemical responses that had me chasing trauma drama and out of my joy. Here's why I decided to finally seek a diagnosis so I could begin healing.

Know me better.

Self-awareness is a superpower and happens to be my favorite, right up there with creativity and emotional intelligence. Diagnoses set expectations that help inform, but it doesn't have to be a box, and it doesn't mean the struggles of the diagnosis will be forever. You are a dynamic and ever-changing being of light with the power to shift and create your own reality.

Have greater self-compassion.

It seems counter-intuitive, doesn't it? A diagnosis gives me at least an idea of the pattern my energy will follow with given mental stress and trauma triggers. If I know the pattern or recognize myself in a pattern of undesirable behavior, I can stop it. Then return to my safety and sovereignty and have compassion for my human. That's how we shift our shit and unplug from the biochemical shitstorm so we can get back to loving in this life. Isn't that what we are all here for?

Accept what IS so I can accept myself.

No one's brain makes it to full development without some shit happening in their life story. These formative and traumatic experiences can lead us to our own kinds of crazy. Can we just normalize that? Especially after the pandemic, aren't we all a little glitchy (and I would say a lil' gay)? The sooner we learn the glitches, we can accept them, learn to cope/manage them and get back to living and being as we are. Once we get to the place of self-acceptance, we become more powerful. We attract people into our life who accept our human too. That's when life really starts to get sweet.

Relate to others and serve as a healing light.

We all need each other right now. We need to be a source of support for others while being able to communicate how we need supporting. The only way outta this mess in humanity is through it. The best way through it is alongside someone. Better yet, a whole tribe of someones who shine their lights when your path goes a little dark. Even better if you have that wild and crazy friend who says "Hold my torch, bitch and watch this." Those kinda friends are the best. When you find them, hang on to them like the gold that they are.

Be an inspiration for others to get the help they know they need.

Ain't no shame anymore. If I can finally decide to stop running at 38 and face my truth, so can you, at any age. Grateful to finally be coming around to the fact that I am human and the cumulative impacts of toxic stress in my life have changed my brain and body in a way that can affect (if I let it) my quality of life. What we resist persists. I wish I wouldn't have resisted for so long. I am here to remind you that you are a human too. And your human is loved. It's okay to need outside resources to help you cope with life. Its' actually how we are wired. Let's stop letting our mental health be a barrier to connection. Let's own the fact that we are all a lil' nuts and probably a lil' gay and get back to loving each other. Okay?

Looking for "that" friend with a torch to help light your healing path forward? (That's me, btw) Here are some options to connect with me:

Join a FREE FB community with other cool people like yourself. We meet every Monday at 12:30 p.m. to share our intentions for the week and get grounded!

Schedule a connection call HERE and let's get curious if you are ready for energy medicine.

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