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How Can Cannabis 
Help You Heal?
Cannabis works within the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  This is the body's largest neuro-receptor network and is responsible for returning the body to balance after stress.  Our ECS system contains a molecule known as anandamide or the "Bliss" molecule.


CB2 receptors are found throughout the body and are responsible for meditating inflammation.  CBD is anti-inflammatory as it binds primarily to CB2 receptors.  Inflammation is the root of most dis-ease.


In addition to primary cannabinoids, cannabis contains terpenes.  Pinene is a terpene known for increasing focus and attention.  It can also be found in essential oils.

Healing from Trauma

Cannabis supports the body in unwinding stores stress from trauma, and works in the amygdala to decrease fear memories associated with trauma.


The ECS is responsbile for regulating the flow of all neurotransmitters in the brain.  Cannabis works to restore balance in these neurotransmitters that ease anxiety. 

Autoimmune Disorders

Dr. Ethan Russo discovered "endocannabinoid deficency" in patients who suffer with IBS, Migraines, and Fibromyalgia.  Endocannabinioids are supplemnted through the cannabis plant.  

Chronic Pain

Cannabis has been successfully used to treat chronic pain and limit the use of opioids.  This occurs primarily through the increase in circulating "bliss" through the body as well as cananbis' anti-inlammatory effects.


Not only does alleviate anxiety and decrease nervous system activity, it works in the amygdala or the brain's fear center to forget traumatic memories. 


Plant medicine can help improve focus, decrease anxiety, promote sleep, and decrease oversensitivity and stimulation by relaxing the nervous system and creating balance.

Imflamatory Bowel Disease

Cannabis can help alleviate symptoms of nausea and pain as well as stimulate a healthy appetite for those suffering with Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis and IBS.

MyPot & Pottery Practice
Pottery came into my life when I began to dig deep into my feminine essence, to understand myself as a being of God in feminine form. 

My art is full of loving intention. 
I sing to them. 
I dance for them. 
I send out my love to you in them. 

Knowing that someone has a piece of my art and I have a piece of them in their healing intention, brings me incredible peace and joy.  As if I am doing my art in anchoring love to this planet.  Connecting and uniting a greater community holding a deep intention for loving presence and healing.
Cannabis Meditation
What is it and how can it help?

I am so grateful for my cannabis meditation session. I really didn’t know what to expect but knew that I had a trauma from my past that needed to surface, it just kept budding it’s head but with our busy lives I was good at suppressing it and knew I needed an extra nudge to allow it to come fourth and allow me to begin working on and healing through it. During my session I felt safe, calm and relaxed. The effect of the cannibas was deeper than my usual unguided experience and the touch throughout felt warm, grounding and helpful. Towards the end as I was coming out of the relaxation I broke out in tears and my words just started flowing. The discovery that was presented I would never had known was a truth for me. But through that I was able to identify and begin works. I’m telling you that just 4 weeks later my chronic pain is gone and I feel at ease, calm, safe and loved which for my scenario is something I haven’t really felt most of my life. Everyone’s experience or needs/outcome will be different but I will say that I don’t regret it, I will do it again when I feel called too and it was life changing in such a positive way. 

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