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7 Energy Terms to Know

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Here are a few terms to understand as you begin your healing journey with energy medicine.

Energy - or "life force" is information or awareness that is connected to a greater source. Energy is always moving through the body and when the flow is disrupted, messages appear as physical symptoms. Energy shifts from life-sustaining bodily functions, such as digestion and reproduction, into the life-surviving stress functions of run, fight, or freeze.

Attunement/Co-regulation - when our nervous system syncs up to another person's nervous system and we get on the same "wavelength" as one another. This can be accomplished through taking deep breaths together, safe touch, or through skin-to-skin contact.

Resonance - when two energies of a similar frequency connect and are amplified to enhance harmony and peace. Think of a crowd gathered together to hear their favorite musician--the experience is heightened because of resonating energies.

Dissonance - the opposite of resonance. When two energies are in tension with one another, creating stress on both systems. When we are in conflict with someone, we experience dissonance.

Centering - collecting our energetic awareness and focusing it within ourselves.

Grounding - connecting our energetic awareness and bodies with the Earth. Common grounding practices include forest bathing or walking in the grass barefoot.

Healing Intention - a positive statement that informs future healing. Healing intentions are co-created during energy medicine treatments and aim to open, clear, and balance the subtle energy of life force that flows throughout all of us. An example might be: My healing intention is to open to a greater source of energy to clarify where my path leads in work, relationships, etc.

In energy healing treatments, the practitioner centers and grounds their energy, creating a state of higher vibration. Through attunement, the practitioner holds space for the body's energy to come into resonance with a higher vibration. This allows for old or trapped emotional energy to move through the energy system, releasing the energetic baggage of our life experience and accomplishing the healing intention.

For more information on whether energy medicine is a fit for you on your healing journey, book a connection call with one of our Board Certified Holistic Nurses.

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