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Referral Partners & Affiliates

Learn more about why we choose our preferred health care providers.


As 40 approaches, I knew my body needed a different form of preventative medicine and a modality that helps me stay balanced in the midst of my stress. 


Finding Dr. Karisa was like a dream come true.  Her adjustments help bring my body comfort while ensuring my nervous system is resilient to adjust to the stressors of life.  She is an incredible wealth of knowledge and a resource for physical healing.

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The nose and expert behind all of Your Higher Path Healing custom essential oil blends.  Glenda blends for the energy of emotions, creating a recipe that is sure to engage your sense of smell and get you more connected to your body.  Smelling Glenda's blends are like an aroma journey that takes you out of your stress and brings you back into conection with your self.

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Receiving homeopathy has been a #gamechanger for my healing journey.  Jennie's intake and assessment process were incredibly detailed and thorough.  Her skill of empathizing and asking the right questions lead me to a constitutional remedy that allows my body to unwind the patterns of old traumas.  Of all of the healing modalities I have tried, this was the biggest bang for my buck.  Check out her course on "Coming Home to Homeopathy."


As a medical cannabis patient, I receive exceptional care from Green Goods.  They are physician-owned and see the value of using cannabis for wellness and for its medicinal properties.  Their staff have quality education and you leave feeling well cared for.     

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A preferred partner for medical certification.  The process is smooth and seamless and free of judgment.  This is a great resource in absence of a primary provider who is willing to provide certification for Medical Cannabis.  

Not currently taking new patients in Minnesota due to change in telehealth laws. 

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