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Moon Sisters:
Virtual Group Healing Experience

Come together and join in a circuit of safety with like-minded women, to heal our baggage, reach new levels of clarity and creativity, and live as our true selves 


Membership Includes: 

2x/month virtual gatherings for New Moon and Full Moon 


Partial recordings will be made available to revisit and for those unable to attend live.


2022-2023 Moon Sisters Themes: 

  • November “Gratitude”

  • December “Letting go”

  • January “Embracing new expression” 

  • February “Journey to greater self-love and self-compassion” 

  • March “Inviting new perspectives and growth”

  • April “Attuning to intuition” 

  • May “Reparenting the inner child” 

  • June “Embracing childhood joy”

  • July “Celebrating our selves, our medicine, and our magic” 

  • August “Honoring transitions” 

  • September Community choice 

Investment: $58/mo + 5% processing fee

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Katie cultivates a profound sense of peace and safety.

I could not even imagine such relaxation and profound insight over a virtual platform in my own space.  Even though my eyes were closed and my camera was on.  I knew magic was in the air when I heard the voices of my guides leading me to understand and accept their guidance.  My life was transformed with confidence and a level of comfort unparalleled!!” -Denise, California 


Each group healing contains meditations, visualizations, and energy exercises to: 

  • Gain insight and deepen self-awareness 

  • Release emotional and energetic baggage from the stories we carry 

  • Receive clarity

  • Experience your bliss 

  • Treat your spirit 

  • Enhance your self-care

Investment: $58/mo + 5% processing fee

Want to connect on a deeper level while LEVELING UP?
Sister Goddess - VIP Membership

VIP Investment: $98/mo + 5% processing fee

VIP Includes:

  • Includes 2x/month virtual circles with Moon Sisters PLUS 

  • One in-person circle/month 

  • Private peer group

  • Discounts on Girls Day Trips 

In-person circles are designed for a deeper and more intimate connection with like-minded sisters. 


Come only as you are.  Leave feeling held, supported, uplifted, and inspired.  Activities include group sharing experiences, exploring our creativity, group rituals and ceremonies to activate more of your divine potential.  

Take your connections to a deeper level with a private peer support group.  Lean on your sisters in times of struggle and have a tribe that celebrates you and has your back.


Application form required.  Circles will be limited to 8 members to cultivate deeper and more intimate safe space.  Limited to 48 members.


22-23 Season Upcoming Events with more TBD 


Hindu Temple Tour and lunch:

Tour the only Hindu temple of it’s kind in the world.  Learn about Durga, Lakshmi, and Parvati.  Follow the tour up with a ladies lunch to discuss how these goddess archetypal energies show up in our life today.    


Eau Claire, Wisconsin 

Enjoy a tour to Wonders of Nature followed by a hike and outdoor meditation (CBD optional).  


*Additional fees may apply to cover food, transportation, booking fees, etc. 

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VIP Investment: $98 / mo + 5% processing fee

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