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Signs you are an Empath

Empaths are individuals who experience a higher degree of sensitivity in their nervous systems. They are often able to sense and perceive the subtle energy of emotions. Because of this, people are often drawn to their presence for healing. Without the proper tools, empaths can take on the energetic and emotional baggage of others, leading to pain and disruption in their own health.

You might be an empath if......

  • You easily adapt/mold yourself to fit the energy of the space (a skill likely learned in childhood). Did you grow up in a family dynamic with unstable or labile (unpredictable) emotions? This early childhood experience is common among empaths.

  • You are aware of how others are feeling or what they may be thinking even if they are not verbalizing it. Empaths have a keen ability to sense what is not being shared out loud.

  • You are sensitive to light, sound, foods, smells, medications, etc. Because of these heightened sensitivities, empaths can easily become overstimulated leading to emotional dysregulation and increased anxieties.

  • You seem to attract people who are seeking help, comfort, or healing. Empaths have a unique light that draws people in. They offer a safe space for many to bear their burdens. No empath is safe in an airport bar.

Healing needs for empaths are unique due to their heightened sensitivities and their common patterns of taking on others' problems and pain. Overstimulation can lead to inappropriate coping mechanisms and numbing activities that eventually go on to impact our health. These can include substance abuse, over-eating, self-abuse, excessive spending, and isolation.

If you need support crafting a self-care plan that works for you or need assistance in setting boundaries around your personal space or clearing other people's shit, we invite you to a connection call.

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