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Are you ready to release the emotional baggage from your previous lived experience?  Are you ready to step on the path to making your dreams of "something more" a reality?  Ready to meet that powerful woman inside of you who has been dying to break free?

After years of watching my patients heal and transform with energy medicine, I created a 6-step action plan to give you a full energetic makeover - getting you unstuck from patterns that waste your energy and into balance and flow. 


(Girl - you are about to find and get your groove back!)

Energetic & Emotional Self-Healing Plan




​Determine where you are in the healing journey and establish baseline, tell your story, complete personal assessments, receive energy assessment


Healing Intentions


Get clear on the energy you desire to release and shift, choose three chakras of focus, set mutual goals for healing journey and self-care strategies


Healing Homework


Explore a wide variety of healing tools to balance your energy and nervous systems and document your journey through seven senses

Stress Pattern Identifcation:

Deepen your self-awareness around patterns that contribue to toxic stress, understand how your story impacts your energy, learn your dominant energy element, determine primary pattern


1:1 Bodywork Sessions


Open, clear, and balance stagnant emotional energy through healing touch treatments, emotional release,techniques, inner child meditations, etc.


Self-care Implementation

Establish new coping mechanisms that help you maintain energetic balance, , implement new routines and tools on a consistent basis, and work through future stress more quickly and efficiently


Navigating the journey with you, in a safe space free of judgment.

This office appreciates the diversity of human beings and does not discriminate based on race, age, religion, ability, marital status, sexual orientation, sex or gender identity.

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