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Supplements to Boost Energy and Mental Health

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

One healing tool that can make a big impact on our energy is supplementation. With all of the choices out there, it can get overwhelming quickly, so we helped narrow the focus for you and chose the biggest benefit for your buck.

Omega - 3 Fatty Acids: Found in fish oils, hemp seeds, flax seeds. Omega - 3’s are key players in your endocannabinoid system and provide protection and anti-inflammatory effects for our brains. Mark Hyman says, “Our brains don’t work without Omega-3 fats. Period.” Fat covers our brain cells, supporting its communication

B-Complex: Found in salmon, leafy greens, organ meats and eggs. B Vitamins play a critical role in energy production. They are quickly depleted in times of stress and by hormonal birth control. Our liver depends on B-vitamins for the detoxification process and as do our brains. The act of taking a B-vitamin can be energizing, so you will want to take this supplement in the morning.

Vitamin D: Our sunshine vitamin plays a key role in the function of our immune system. Dr. Henry Emmons describes Vitamin D more as a hormone than a vitamin. It works with serotonin, the “I am happy” neurotransmitter and protects against the impact of stress on our brains.

Phytonutritients: Found in bright colored fruits and vegetables. Phytyonutritients are what gives the plant its own healing properties and that healing power is transferred to us when we eat the yummy produce. It’s important to eat all of the colors of the rainbow to get a well rounded balance of nutrition. This is hard to do through diet. So if you are going to invest your money in anything, get a good phytonutrient supplement. I get mine through my amazing chiropractor Dr. Karissa Walsh at Viva Family Chiropractic.

Adaptogens: Found in herbs. Adaptogens are like magic and help the body adapt to its current environment and fight off stress. My three favorites are rhodiola, ashwagandha, and turmeric for their anti-inflammatory properties and impact on mental well-being.

CBD: Found in the cannabis plant. Can’t say enough about this amazing compound. CBD offers neuro protection to our brains, and increases the circulation of anandamide, our naturally occurring “bliss” molecule. If you are experiencing stress and adversity, CBD should be one of your first choices. You can get CBD through a variety of methods of administration. Because there is a lot of confusion in the industry and unsafe products on the market, I suggest you connect with a trusted resource on endocannabinoid health for assistance in choosing the best product for you. Book a cannabis consultation call here.

One of the greatest oversight in mental health is the physical health of our brains. All of the above supplements have proven benefits to the health of our brains. For a more in depth look at functional medicine, check out the resource list at the bottom of the blog.

Affirmations when taking supplements:

I trust my body will take in these nutrients and bring balance to my brain.

By taking these supplements, I assure my body she is safe and I provide her what she needs to function at her very best.


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