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Is this you?

Do you desire deeper friendships and sisterhood?  A place where you can be unapologetically yourself?  To practice your authentic voice, to discover more of your creative potential? To discover more of yourself outside of the story of your trauma. A safe place to tap more deeply into the wisdom that resides within the body?  


My dream of cultivating a safe space for women to come together and heal the divine feminine is becoming a reality.  If you are interested in deepening your connection to spirit, join the waiting list below.  


Welcome to the beginnings of something magical!

Are you interested in joining a safe community where we come together and hold space for each other’s healing intentions?  A place to feel and share the heavy emotions on our healing journeys?  A community that uplifts and inspires you during the rough phases of the healing road?  Do you desire to be a part of a group of fellow weirdos who will celebrate you just as you are? 

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The first 10 members to join the waiting list will have the opportunity to join an Invitation Only High Council Meeting where the initial phases of community planning will be shared with the opportunity to exchange feedback.

Let’s create something beautiful together!!

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