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Sacred Steps for Lighter Living

Are You Ready?

For a lighter way of living?

To sh!ft your sh!t?


To stop hiding behind the mask?


To shine your light?

Do you know in your bones there 
must be another way?

Have you taken the conventional approach to women's health and feel like you’re going in circles? 

Has talk therapy and medication failed you? 


Are you frustrated that you can’t seem to make lifestyle changes that stick?

Here’s what may be missing

As a woman, your intuition tells you there's got to be a better way to feel whole, healthy and happy. You are unwilling to settle. You are exactly the kind of woman I love working with. And here's why:

As a Board Certified Holistic Nurse and your shift sister, I integrate the science of nursing and the art of Energy Medicine.


Energy Medicine is a hands-on or virtual experience in which the energy of old wounds, stored emotions and memories of formative experiences are identified and then released from the physical body.

Caroline Myss tells us, “Our biography becomes our biology.” Our traditional medical model doesn’t take into account that our stories impact our health. Your Higher Path Healing takes the opposite approach – release the negative energy that gets you sick and stuck.

The patterns of your unhealed woundedness drive the lifestyle choices you make—and all emotional, mental and physical challenges are influenced by your choices. Together we explore patterns created by pain from your past and discharge the energy of the story that holds you back. You’ll learn new strategies to lift you out of stress and onto an oasis of peace, creativity and greater service. This is what transformation feels like.

A Message to You from Katie

Schedule your free connection call today.

A free 30-minute phone call to determine if my services are a good fit for you.

Katie Gross
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The Power to Heal

I believe we all hold the power to heal within us.  Guided by my years of holistic nursing expertise and inspired by my own experience of healing, I support others on their journey to finding optimal health.

I am not a counselor. I do not diagnose or prescribe. If necessary, I will make appropriate referrals to other health care professionals through

my vast network of care providers.

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700 Twelve Oaks Center Drive, Suite 266

Wayzata, MN 55391

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