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Katie Gross, RN BSN HNB-BC HTCP 

What do all those letters behind my name mean, anyway?

Those letters mean you can trust I have the training and credentials to provide you with

holistic integrative care and guide you on your sacred steps to lighter living.

  • RN - Registered Nurse

  • BSN - Bachelors of Science in Nursing

  • HNB-BC - Holistic Nurse Baccalaureate Board Certified

  • CHTP - Certified Healing Touch Practitioner

I became a nurse to witness and assist in the healing process. Early in my career it became clear that our traditional medical system is not structured in a way that supports actual healing. Rather, it is an overburdened network of organizations founded on old science and running as a high-profit business.


For a number of years I tried to make it work – seeking new roles and climbing the leadership ladder in hopes it would fill my soul. Instead, I became anxious and burned out. Something was missing. 


After a life-changing trip to Malawi, Africa in 2015, I discovered I needed to find a higher path to healing -- for myself. Soon after, I was introduced to Healing Touch, a form of Energy Medicine and quickly sought training and certification.

Being a part of the healing journey is profoundly sacred and I take my role in the process very seriously.  Watching women release their burdens and let go of the sh!t that has held them back is the most rewarding aspect of my practice. 

I am honored to navigate and shed light for women on their healing journey.  


Katie Gross 4mb.jpg
Katie Gross

Kate Jackson

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

"As a health and wellbeing coach, I feel confident referring my clients to Katie. For those who have not tried energy work, she is a perfect first person to try it with because she has a nursing background. She deeply understands how the body works, is gentle, safe and professional. 


For those who are more familiar with energy work, I highly recommend Katie because of her intuitive sense and nursing knowledge which takes

her energy work to a higher level than other practitioners.


Katie's energy work is an important tool that helps individuals heal and allows them space to make a shift from deep within their bodies --

creating more ease in their lives."   


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