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Making Your Bath a More Grounding Experience

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

There are many ways to ground and connect the energy body into the physical body. The intention behind grounding is to ensure our awareness is present throughout the whole body.

Stress takes our energy and awareness out of our bodies and into our heads, and shifts us into survival mechanisms.

Baths are a great place to connect with our inner water element, intentionally connect with our emotions, and be present in our bodies. My favorite place for a good cry and emotional releases is in the tub.

5 ways to enhance your bath experience

Get into your body through all of your senses!

1) Smell

Add your favorite essential oil. Make sure to take deep breaths to get the full healing power of the essential oils. A word of the wise - be careful with citrus oils in the bath. They are light-sensitizing and can lead to uncomfortable consequences to your skin.

Note: Instead of dripping the oil right into the bath, opt to sprinkle the oil on bath salts and then add to the water. Bath salts have added benefits in releasing muscle tension. Blends are always best because of their synergistic effects. Choose something with root or tree oils like vetiver, patchouli, or frankincense for their grounding qualities. My favorite is Divine Garden with frankincense, neroli, and ylang ylang.

2) Sound

Check out these inexpensive surround speakers to take your bath to the next level. My favorite bath-time playlist is binaural beats with ocean waves found here on Spotify.

3) Sight

Transform your bathroom into more sacred space through candles, moon light, or pictures of your happy place.

4) Touch

Gentle self-massage of the neck and shoulders helps you relax into the bathing experience. If you are looking for that emotional release, a gentle stretch of the hamstring or gentle spinal twist can help things along.

Note: Overriding your bath tub’s water overflow feature allows for a deeper bathing experience.


After a good cry, I treat myself to a piece of my favorite dark chocolate with cherries.

Questions to be curious about:

  • What heavy experiences have I witnessed, lived through, or held space for this past week?

  • What emotions were associated with these experiences?

  • What am I ready to release?

Give your body permission to move through and allow them to flow.

Once the release is complete, affirm yourself for doing the work of healing. Wash your body with your favorite luxurious body wash/soap to help create a sense of whole body safety.

Remember, you can turn any task into a sacred act or ritual as a tool to connect more deeply to your spirit.

Katie Gross, founder of Your Higher Path Healing. Spiritual Health Nurse and Cannabis Nurse Navigator.

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