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 Current Healing Series


Come together with like-minded sisters seeking a closer relationship with their hearts, minds, and bodies.

Reviving the ancient practice of sitting in circle, sharing sacred space and healing together.


This group healing experience leads each participant through her own unique healing process -- in the company of sacred sisters.

Each session is focused on one of the seven chakras (power centers) where we:

  • Connect to each chakra

  • Learn about the chakra's function

  • Participate in a healing and clearing exercise

  • Activate the chakra through an energy meditation

  • Learn energy exercises to empower your activated chakra 


Series Dates:

Tuesday February 23d - Grounding Center

Tuesday March 9th - Emotional Center

Tuesday March 23rd - Personal Power Center

Tuesday  April 13th - Heart Center

Tuesday  April 27th - Expression Center

Tuesday May 11th - Insight Center

Tuesday May 25th - Connection Center


Donations accepted to PayPal:

Money raised from this series will pay for Katie's international partner, Biot's online education for fundraising and community development with Cultivate International.

Registration is required for each session

Every Day Empath @ The Hive

Empath - an individual who is sensitive to subtle energy or are considered "energy sensitive."
Every Day Empath Circle offers you tools and strategies to cope with your gift of empathy.  Learn how to separate your energy from others and maintain a positive energy balance.
1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month 
Registration required
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