Elevated Path for Lighter Living

This enlightened service focuses on liberating you from the wounds and patterns that hold you back from becoming the woman you are being called to BE. 

Perfect for:

  • Creative entrepreneurs

  • Women experiencing transition

  • High-powered business women looking to bring change to the world 


We start with an Intention Session, our initial session to discuss where you have been and where you are being called next.  During this time we evaluate your limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior that keep you from being an authentic expression of yourself.  Refinement Sessions continue your elevation journey.  

Goals of Care:

  • Discharge energy of old wounds

  • Align with your higher power to support creativity, intuition and clarity 

  • Develop a manageable self-care plan that supports your energetic alignment 

Intention Session

An Initial Consultation (90 minutes)

Comprehensive discovery process to learn your 5-Element Personality Profile and the stories that shape you

Establish a sacred relationship without judgement and with a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect

Goal setting to co-create your plan of action

One-time fee of  $185

Refinement Sessions

Continued Elevation (75 minutes)

Broad Spectrum Energy Medicine techniques tailored to liberate you from old stories and limiting beliefs

Time for reflection and integration to share feedback of your experience and how you will practice your new steps to continue your energetic alignment between sessions

Each session $150

Special Offer: Commit to 6 Elevate Sessions and pay only $135/session. Sessions are billed monthly (or by special arrangement) and are non-refundable

HSA payments accepted


My Healing Touch sessions with Katie have been the ‘missing piece’ in my self-care routine. They have helped knit together the mind/body connection that had previously been out of sync. I leave our sessions feeling balanced — energized, yet grounded. Katie’s insightful questions and kind, non-judgmental listening guide me toward a new understanding of myself. The at-home techniques help me maintain my newfound balance between sessions. 

-- Jane, Minnesota

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