Community Services

Feel like you are stranded on a deserted island -- craving the sisterhood

of other women who share your same struggles?


Your Higher Path Group Healing provides a guided and sacred experience that creates space for lasting shifts to emerge. Because of the energy of the group and the way it is facilitated, your awareness expands and you feel supported and inspired. 


Your Higher Path Group Healing honors the sacred tradition of women sitting together in circle to share their wisdom and learn from one another. 

  • Share in sisterhood, learning from one another

  • Learn the effects of your energy patterns

  • Reflect and uncover your true self

  • Meditate to free yourself from limiting ways of being  

Body Shame
Replace beliefs that trigger body shame while connecting to yourself in new ways that support sustainable lifestyle change and optimal health.
People Pleasing
Uncover your ingrained people pleasing behaviors and develop skills to reclaim your power and live as your
authentic self.
Get in touch with the ways you hold yourself back;
create rhythm, ritual and 
flow to get out of your own way and live lighter
and harmoniously.

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Group Healing
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Gatherings are coordinated with phases of the moon.
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“Change doesn't happen overnight. Change happens in the little everyday moments when you choose to act with intention rather than motive, reclaiming your power and aligning  with your higher self. This power heals your body, inspires creativity and fosters self-love.” 


--  Katie Gross 

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