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Starts on October 18, 2022

Break cycles and patterns that keep you stuck in your stress 


Adopt new rhythms and routines that increase energy and optimize balance 


Learn new ways to relate to nature to optimize wellbeing and nervous system regulation

What you will receive:

Personal Assessment

learn your top two dominant energy types

Accompanying PDF

 to dive deeper into your elements and uncover your patterns of stress includes 10 self-care practices

Bootcamp Jump-Start

Virtual zoom experience - Get you inspired, set and share your healing intentions, and learn new tools

Weekly activities

each week, we will focus on one energy type

1:1 Email support

keep me updated on your progress, get support when you hit a wall or lose focus

Celebrate - Virtual zoom experience

Celebrate your wins, share your experience, and Hold space for others to share their wins

Katie Gross Bootcamp.png

Top 5 Reasons to learn your dominant energy element:

Enhance self-awareness 

Shift out of behavior patterns that contribute to stress

Deepen your self-awareness (2).png


Deepen your self-awareness



Create healthier patterns



Understand your stress response tendencies



Enhance your connection with self and others



Appreciate your unique rhythms

Katie Gross Bootcamp (1).png

Investment: $75

Dates: June 13 - July 12th 

Bootcamp Kick-off Event via Zoom June 14th @ 6:30 p.m. 

Deepen your self-awareness (1).png


“Learning my top elements has been formative in my life journey.  Integrating rhythms into my life that balance these elements within me has been central to regaining my health, my relationships, my energy, and my vision for life.”

- Faith Z. - Healthcare leader

“It was easy to ‘see’ myself within the 5 different elements/classifications.  I became hopeful- I could see why my historical  ‘intentional efforts to take care of myself and try to gain health and get out of unhealthy rhythms weren’t working.  The things I was doing to ‘help’ myself didn’t have an impact because they weren’t directed to balance out my personal imbalances or natural stress response patterns.”

- Faith Z., RN

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